Although I am Nobody

I am a nobody,

I can go anywhere and not be mobbed or recognized,

Travel around the country, around the state, or even in town,

Talk to friends, big shots, or other nobodies,

I enjoy my measure of anonymity,

Yet I have talents not exercised,

Within me are golden treasures,

Stored and protected,

Spun out by centrifugal force,

Collected on the walls of my own chamber,

But thoughts and words only proclaim,

Possibly I could grab a measure of fame,

With a little luck and a lot of hard work,

Enjoy the glory, enjoy the luxury,

Yet along with the fame comes the pain,

The loneliness of being special, but not normal anymore,

Not always seeing the world without the world watching you,

The isolation while in a crowd,

The idea of not really knowing which are friends,

And which will run when the money is done,

Being mobbed, swarmed, roughed up,

Treated special, but always in danger of being,

Swindled, threatened, or stalked,

If I could have had fame, I would have balked,

A game of names and glitter and phoniness,

Although I am a nobody, I am more than some of the somebodies

Because I know who I am and where I’ve been,

Some of the somebodies might drown in the adulation of anybodies,

Or nobodies, while acting out what is real and what is not,

 Just dancing to please the crowd of anybodies,

I think I won’t change, if it’s all the same to you.

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