The Fairy Queen and Me

Prince Arthur and the Fairy Queen
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The Fairy Queen, and Me

Upon my steed I stared at the sea,

Watching the waves pound mercilessly,

While the wind hurled sea drops with glee,

I shook my fist and yelled, “You can’t conquer me!”

The salt was on my beard, my eyes, my face,

I was ready to leave this forlorn place,

When a slight movement caught my eye,

And there she was, the fairy queen,

Perched on a jagged rock between earth and sky,

She didn’t have to turn and look,

To know that I was there,

For at that moment heaven shook,

When she was captured by my stare,

Slowly she shifted and raised one arm,

Pointing to the sea,

“I come here often, my lord,

For the ocean’s power refreshes, wouldn’t you agree?”

Those words said, she looked at me,

And her eyes locked with mine,

The world stood still while my heart danced,

There was no concept of time,

To fall in love with the fairy queen,

Was dangerous and tempted fate,

But her eyes, her face, her hair, it was wildly intimate,

Though raging fires burned within,

I noticed she shivered,

She was soaked to the skin,

Her thin gown blocked nothing from my view,

My mind raced, “What shall I do?”

Aroused in ways I could not explain,

I lowered my gaze before I went insane,

Then I strode to her side and covered her with my cloak,

I held her, warming her, because she was soaked,

Gently I sat her upon my horse,

Her powers were weak, she had lost the force,

I walked beside as she rode,

She pointed out a different road,

“My lord, if you’ll take me to yon oak tree,

My fairies will reward you, wait and see!”

She stretched and arched,

Her breasts taut against the gown,

My breathing was labored, my voice became coarse,

“My lord,” she whispered, “do you need to ride the horse?”

Her full ripe lips formed a grin,

And in spite of myself I smiled within,

My lady, be careful what you say,

My heart could be easily broken by you today,”

We reached a meadow where a great oak tree,

Was surrounded by fairies, dancing with glee,

“She’s returned, she’s home!” I heard a wee voice shout,

“We’ll dance in a circle until the moonlight is out,”

“My lord,” the fairy queen whispered, “I got cold by the sea,

I want to be warm, come lie with me,”

“My lady, I can only stay until dawn,

Then I need to keep moving on,

I’ve lost my kingdom for awhile,

Until I’m allowed to return from exile,”

“Oh, sire, join with me,

What a team we could be,

We’ll teach you well to stay out of sight,

And with magic, a new way to fight,

Sometimes we’ll love wild and free,

Sometimes sensual and tenderly,”

How could I resist her offer to combine,

To claim her love, and reclaim what was mine?

The fairy queen changed my outlook then,

And prepared me for new adventures to begin.

2 thoughts on “The Fairy Queen and Me

  1. Ah… those tricky fairies! mines still leading me around playing by a rough and cold sea. She’s a good girl though keeps me in line or at least moving in the general direction …more like herding me really.
    Love the fairy tale as it were Dan…It’s the kind of stuff dreams are made from.

    1. You’ve got more than dreams. Hang on to your fairy queen! And it’s a good thing you’re kept out of trouble.

      May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

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