You Are Unique!

My Destiny (EP)
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You are Unique

You are unique, I’ve told you many times,

I want to convince you that destiny awaits,

And at a certain moment you will be there,

When destiny flings open your special gates,

Allow yourself to think and dream,

Run with the wind and feel its power,

Use every precious moment in your grasp,

Life is too swift to waste even one hour,

Voices may tell you to keep both feet on the ground,

Don’t listen! you don’t have to be planted yet,

Keep dreaming and feeling, listening and seeing,

And the expectations of others try to forget,

Don’t do what you’ve been told you have to do,

Absorb from the stars their creativity and light,

You don’t have to be someone’s clone,

Be an individual, you have the obligation and right,

If you give up your goals too soon, my friend,

Your growth will be stunted and you’ll not touch the sky,

You’ll forget the commitment you made to yourself,

You will lose value in your own mind’s eye,

It takes courage to walk where others fear to go,

Pain and hurt are necessary for you to grow,

Mistakes are just steps to reach a higher plain,

Keep reaching and trying, you’ve everything to gain.

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