Changing the Future

Basilica San Juan Capistrano 1987
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Changing the Future by Looking at the Past

This year the earth revealed its splendor,

 I watched keenly and wrote with joy,

As each delicious moment appeared,

The pleasures were mine to enjoy,

Yet I knew everything in my path,

Was not deserved, whether good or bad,

Possessions and talents squandered,

The things I wanted or thought I had,

Slipped dancing before my eyes,

Laughs I’ve given and sorrows, too,

Started coming back, one at a time,

Returning as Capistrano’s swallows do,

Time elapsed quickly like sand in a glass,

Keeping me mindful of family and friends,

I invested in friendship and gave love away,

Stayed vulnerable, bending with the winds,

My yesterdays were counted and gone,

Once spent, no way to pull them back,

But each day was a bonus and not my last,

That’s why I am so very determined,

To change the future by looking at the past,

Each day I’ll do an unexpected good,

Because everybody is broken in some way,

I’ll reach out to those who feel misunderstood,

I’ll be encouraging, patient and gentle every day,

I’ll try to make this year even better,

For there is still so much to be done,

I’ll lead by example, helping with love,

Reaching out to the world, one by one.

3 thoughts on “Changing the Future

  1. That is an attitude worth keeping Dan! This year has been a rough one but I believe with a few of these things used a few more times it could have been so much better…at least from my view. I think I’ll try to keep a few of these things in mind this next year myself. Take care

    1. I sound so much smarter on paper. As long as I keep quiet in person people will think I am wise. You have wisdom of your own, my friend. Just look around and don’t forget that love and beauty are everywhere. I’d like to be counted as a friend and during any rough time write or call and I’ll listen or share my nonsense or wisdom. Dan

      May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

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