New Year’s Resolutions (Part One)

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This year I want to grow up and act my age,

You’d think I had accomplished that at this stage,

It required responsibility to make the right choices,

But I listened instead to my own inner voices,

I wanted to get older but I’ve changed my mind,

All the things I wanted I’ve already left behind,

Have a family, have a job, be productive for awhile,

Been there, done that, I’ve traveled those roads in style,

Perhaps this is the year I finally will get a new start,

Lessons at Hard Knocks School didn’t make me smart,

I know, I’ll loosen up, and try not to be so tense,

Before, I tried too much, too soon; I had little common sense,

My money will grow by leaps and bounds if I put some away,

But it’ll have to wait for tomorrow, for there’s a sale today,

Be generous to a fault this year, give to those in need,

But without discipline to pay my debts, little can I heed,

Work hard and do my best, a goal for the coming year,

Instead I think it’s time to reflect, and face unknown fears,

I want to be kind and passionate, loving life without regard,

Easier said than done, my friends, life is pushing hard,

Live life with gusto, I don’t want to be tied to fear,

I’ll try to make every second count, just to survive this year.

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