To Ignore Them Is a Mistake

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Rules are made to be broken,

I’ve oft heard people say,

Rules inhibit creative thinking,

So I won’t follow any today,

Regulations are sterner stuff,

Written in blood and sweat,

Underneath crisp words of order,

Lie coiled venomous threats,

Laws are for those who follow,

What society deems to be fit,

Customs whether right or wrong,

Expecting all to quietly submit,

I’ve seen rules that made sense,

Others that were rather lame,

As a youth I reasoned them out,

And rules became a game,

Regulations were not to be trifled with,

Unless I wanted to be locked away,

So I followed orders I received,

And kept my objections at bay,

Laws made were often flawed,

And burned those under their tread,

Until ruling society was brought to shame,

By all the blood that was shed,

Laws can be guidelines to build a box,

Where dreams cannot climb or fly,

Tired and worn, with little fire at all,

While all the world goes by,

Rules, regulations, and laws take their toll,

Keeping imaginations and hearts quelled,

Everybody marches to the same tune,

Until they choose to rebel,

Thus I follow laws of physics and science,

Because those laws men did not make,

Nature’s rules are fast and true,

To ignore them could be a mistake.

2 thoughts on “To Ignore Them Is a Mistake

  1. So many rules, but who makes them? just people we set in power and they try to control us…people with their own goals, try to own us, …. people who are rich, always trying to make more through us…
    Rules, some good some bad, and as you rightly say, Natures rules are there and should be set in stone, we live through nature, we should apply her rules…. Good one, Dan…

    1. Thank you, dear Lady Pen. You’ve got all the rules covered. Can’t live without someone coming up with more rules though. Have a lovely day.

      May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

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