Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Fires, and Floods

A picture of the 2004 tsunami in Ao Nang, Krab...
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In this world there is so much to do,

Earthquakes shaking,

Buildings breaking,

Are you still waiting with a concern that is true?

Tsunamis rushing,

Water crushing,

Are you still watching but doing nothing?

Fires roaring,

Flames burning,

What does it take to get you moving?

Floods claiming,

Water drowning,

Earthquake, tsunami, fire, flood,

Lives changing,

Fortunes ruining,

These moments of life filled with blood,

Feeling an itch,

Wishing you were rich,

Do you only help when you’re in the mood?

Power outages,

Water shortages,

People hungry, and dying without food,


Treatable diseases,

Following catastrophes the need never ceases,

Nuclear disasters,

 Injuries long-lasting,

Whether the amount is great or small,

Is it pretense,

Or nonsense,

To be the kind of person who shares all,

What compassion,

What sacrifice,

When the world around you starts to shake,

Is your concern real or fake?

What steps should you take?

What changes in lifestyle are you willing to make?

Or do you close your eyes so you don’t see their pains,

And go blithely on, ignoring the crimson stains.

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