Frozen in Ice (Part One)

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He was an avid hunter searching for conquests,

Hungry to gobble one more lonely heart,

Always busy, there was never a moment to rest,

Always looking for a new place to start,

David liked music and dancing, because the beat,

That rhythmic bass and pounding drum,

Always stirred the depths and raised the heat,

Across an unguarded heart his words would strum,

Resistance was futile after he made his move,

He would love a woman and leave her without any regret,

He enjoyed being deceitfully wicked and in a groove,

Positive there was no woman that he couldn’t get,

David said that to himself when he had time to reflect,

He thought any woman was self-centered to the core,

And each was thoroughly convinced she was a victim of neglect,

Tonight he’d lavish one with attention (she would want more),

He waited patiently while he idly listened to the band,

Perhaps tonight was not the night to find a lonely heart,

But two women entered and he was ready to play his hand,

One got up to greet a friend, which gave him a chance to start,

David sauntered over and casually asked the woman to dance,

She turned him down, but she gave herself no reason why,

She needed time to shake herself free of her circumstance,

Locked in a loveless marriage, she didn’t even want to try,

This was the first time since she’d married, to be out on the town,

She weakened while the music played, the temptation to dance was strong,

“You know your troubles won’t go away,” David said with a frown,

“You can dance your troubles away tonight, but to sit and worry is wrong,”

 He could sense Rhonda struggling, but ready to make a choice,

His compliments made her feel good and she liked his easy grin,

David had been patient, listening to the pain in her voice,

She quickly decided that tonight she was ready to feel again,

As they danced, her body moving with the beat,

She felt young and free, wishing this could always be,

She melded to him, stirred and excited by his heat,

Physically and emotionally she bonded, but not mentally,

“I shouldn’t be letting myself go like this,” she told herself twice,

“But this is fun.  It’s been so long since I’ve taken the time to dance,”

“He’s been really good to me and I think he’s really nice,

He loves me, I can feel it, and I’m ready to take a chance,”

 (To Be Continued)

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