Love for Arts
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From the depths, myself I ask,

“Are you really up for the task?”

And then prepare for a mighty job,

(I don’t want to sound like a slob),

You might think it extra nice,

If you could call SuperHeart for relationship advice,

I would write love letters on your behalf,

Wouldn’t that be a laugh?

But what could SuperHeart possibly do,

To explain “I love you”, but “I don’t ‘love’ you”?

As SuperHeart I could really wail,

If your relationship starts to fail,

How could you win in this game of chance?

How could I spark your dying romance?

Would SuperHeart remind you of important dates?

Or simply leave it all to fate? 

 Would you call on me when love is out of control?

Or let life go on as the days unfold?

What if you were way off base?

No, I wouldn’t come and take your place,

And if there was a pick-off play,

I wouldn’t step in and save the day,

I think the job is too hard for me,

SuperHeart will probably never be,

If love is neglected it’s sadly true,

It’ll take more than SuperHeart can do,

You must be alert to avoid love’s loss,

I’ll be blunt here to get my message across,

Love is worth all you put into the task,

Love with all your heart is all I ask,

And through the years you will find,

The world will love you and your loving mind.

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