The Center of the Circle

Resident (fish-eating) killer whales. The curv...
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The stories
in nature are never complete,

There are always lessons that will repeat,

From the
past, the present, and eons beyond,

develop from plans once spawned,


From visions,
I’ve seen truths and facts,

man and beast in gruesome acts,

Animals in
nature out of necessity must kill,

While mankind
often does it for the thrill,


Yet in my
dreams the circle’s center,

Becomes the
place where I enter,

And the
visions I see are all askew,

deadly, but nothing new,


In my deep dark dreams I could see,

whales and their strategy,

Orcas, the
wolves of the sea,

their prey to its destiny,


Penguins or
seals, whatever the prey,

Onward pushed,
none allowed to stray,

Eager to
escape, but they stayed tight knit,

To the group
they had chosen to commit,


But the pod
of orcas tightened the noose,

their prey inward, not one turned loose,

The orcas
continuing their relentless chase,

Until the
matriarch gave the signal to end the race,


There was no
waiting, no time to pause,

Into the
center slashed hungry jaws,

A feeding
frenzy with victory won,

rewarded, the pod moved on,

(To be

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