An Angel Is Watching Over Her

Santa Maria della Concezione
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She is
vibrant and alive,

Her youth

An angel is watching over her,

For he

That her
life is yet to live,

The angel
calls her name,

Tries to
convince her,

That life is
no game,

She has
plans, so much to do,

Life can’t

She has love
to give,

And years to
follow her fate,

The curtain
of life is woven strong,

And it has
to be,

For life
courses through her veins,

And her
angel sees,

Her world
laid out before her,

Each and
every day,

He’ll guide
and protect her,

For she has
reasons to stay,

Her life
will ring true,

Until she
completes her list to do,

She’ll look
back and smile,

At all the
things she did worthwhile.





2 thoughts on “An Angel Is Watching Over Her

  1. A lovely Angelic poem, Dan, on a life to be fulfilled before that last call. … the clarion call that announces it’s time to go… Wonderful and uplifting. xPenx

    1. Oh, dear Lady, you are surrounded with flocks of angels keeping watch day and night…………

      May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

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