Vanity Is a Balloon

Christopher Street Day in Cologne, 2007. Sloga...
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I feed on

It holds
power to make me smile,

It eases my
loneliness for awhile,

But vanity
is a balloon full of air,

It lifts me
up and then isn’t there,

and rejection pierce my balloon,

Back to earth
I tumble soon,

Dreading the
ridicule of one or two,

I impose
self limits on what I do,

I want

But not if I
have to freeze my heart,

Caging my
integrity right from the start,

I’ve made a
decision to do what is right,

So I can
look in a mirror and sleep at night,

I’ll stand
alone if I need to be,

Standing for
truth and human dignity,

I’m a long
way from perfect as you can see,

And I can’t
be you and you can’t be me,

While I
struggle to control my vanity,

I’ll try to
help others and love tenderly.


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