The Coin (part one)

Calderilla coin
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Which way
do we go,

to stay out
of the flow,

As lives
are swept downstream,

We can do
more wrong,

If we just
go along,

Pretending life is but a dream.

Vanna knew he kept valuable rare coins.  While she cleaned his house she would pass by
his study. Through the slightly opened door she could see him carefully
studying each coin and comparing it with the newest estimates of values based
on comparable auction prices. He also had stacks of bills of unknown
denominations but he rarely looked at the paper currency.  Vanna was sure the coins were his most
valuable treasures just by the way he put on gloves before he handled
them.  They were always treated with
tender loving care. When he tired, he would replace each coin in a velvet

He knew she watched him sometimes but he
rarely said anything to her.  When he did
speak, it was about something trivial, although his eyes held many questions. He
was curious about her for several reasons.  But in general his interest was definitely not
about her intelligence or her background.
He was discreetly studying her breasts and legs. He tried to be subtle
but she always knew when he was watching.
Yet in her heart she could feel changes and she knew his power over her
was growing.

As a precaution she began dressing
conservatively but still she felt his eyes tracing her form, caressing her,
filling her with an urgency she didn’t quite understand.  When she first started working there she had
been prim and proper, a model of decorum.
Now her dreams led her always to his arms, uncontrolled passion, and then
tears.  She had no answer for the meaning
of the tears but the passion was always there, always stronger in her dreams,
and always ready to boil over when she felt his eyes upon her.

Vanna had discovered where the safe was
hidden long ago. Usually it was locked and she didn’t pay any attention to
it.  Lately, though, her desire for money
was becoming prominent in her dreams and now when she went into the study she
automatically looked to see if the safe was open.  Vanna wanted to appear unconcerned but twice
she had noticed the safe open and each time she said, “Sir, you didn’t lock the

He smiled slyly and quietly went to the safe
and locked it.  “He trusts me,” she
thought, but then she felt the doubts begin.
“If he trusts me,” she wondered, “then why does he watch while I’m
working?” It was a question she could never answer, and now as she listened to him
in his study, she could hear him muttering softly, “It’s a terrible thing you’re
asking me to do.  I’m not sure if I want
to do this.”

Vanna’s thoughts were being drawn directly
to those rare coins.  She couldn’t help
it. She dreamed of things that were financially out of her reach.  Thinking of her budget she gave a long sigh. She
thought of those coins again. They intrigued her.  How many would she have to have in order for
her future to be set?

She didn’t have to be rich, just
comfortable.  The coins were old and if
she wanted to have them she’d have to be bold.
She asked around on the other side of town, how she could sell such
coins.  Few dealers were interested.  One dealer told her privately, “They’re risky
because they’re too easy to trace, unless they go out of the country and
disappear for a few years.  Only private
collectors would be interested.”

There was another way.  He was interested in her and she could use
that knowledge to get to his heart.  She
didn’t really know him but she did find him fascinating enough to be physically
attracted.  “If I flirt with him,” she
reasoned, “He won’t be able to resist. Then I’ll own even more than those

A brilliant plan.  A devious plan.  Vanna couldn’t decide at first whether the
plan was brilliant or devious. The idea of seducing him was new and exciting.  Her heart was pounding.  She decided the plan was brilliant rather
than devious. Brilliant sounded better to her and would take away some of the
sting her conscience was feeling.

She was intrigued also and over the next two
weeks tried to test his interest.  She
wore shorter skirts, displayed her cleavage, changed hair styles often, and
made herself available in case he wanted to talk.

(To be continued)

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