Remembering the “Trail of Tears”

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there is nothing to your fears,

I’ve heard
of nothing called “The Trail of Tears”,

The poet’s
dreams must be wrong,

I urge you
to ignore his woeful song,


There is no
reason to leave this place,

I’ve spoken
to the white chiefs face to face,

And they’ve
made marks on white leaves,

If it is
written, they won’t deceive,


The poet
dreamed again, I’ve heard you say,

And his
dream gets worse day by day,

I’ll state
it again to all who’ll hear,

There is no
reason for a “Trail of Tears”,


I think we
should throw him out,

Before his
ravings fill us with doubt,

These are
our lands, to leave is absurd,

Don’t worry
about the white men and their word,


We banned
the poet, the teller of dreams,

He’s alone
in the woods, still preaching it seems,

strange tales he says about a “Trail of Tears”,

Fills the
women and children with worries and fears,


He’s a
singer of songs, a teller of tales,

The visions
he sees can’t be allowed to prevail,

For our
proud nation to be treated that way,

Means we can’t
trust what the white chiefs say,


We have been
at peace for many years,

Why would we
be forced on a “Trail of Tears”,

Where our
women and children are sent through the snow,

To a land
far away that our people don’t know,


The soldiers
are forcing us out of our homes today,

They said we
must leave this very day,

They say the
land is beautiful and there’s nothing to fear,

And we’ll
get over leaving our ancestors here,


The poet was
right, he told us well,

Our people
are dying, many of them fell,

Now like his
dreams and his very worst fears,

We’re forced
to march “The Trail of Tears”.

3 thoughts on “Remembering the “Trail of Tears”

  1. White man certainly speaks with forked tongue, Dan, and I wonder, even today if the situation came again, would the outcome be the same?.,. I fear so, for if there’s a greedy reason for claiming land from a minority it will happen, without conscience,… a heartfelt poem my friend, xPenx….

    1. Thank you, dear Lady. Your comments are astute and true. I’ll post part 3 of The Coin either tonight or tomorrow.

      May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

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