Spinning In An Orbit

Betelgeuse is a red supergiant, one of the lar...
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You’d think
I had forgotten,

Those nights
we were alone,

When stars
above shone brighter,

Like diamonds
on a queen’s throne,


The crisp
cold air kept you there,

Snuggled against
my chest,

And all the
while I studied the stars,

I denied
what my heart confessed,


faraway stars were icy cold,

And your
love I refused to claim,

Then you
were gone and I was alone,

With only
myself to blame,


Not even
those magic moments,

From memory
will I let go,

Too late I claimed
my love for you,

Myself I did
not know,


You’d think I
would not remember,

Those kisses
that seared my lips,

But once
tasted and you draw near,

My heart
still stops and flips,


The years
have crept along time’s highway,

My feelings
are hard to hide,

If I had a
chance to do life again,

I’d have you
by my side,


For all this
time I loved only you,

light years farther apart,

And yet I
stayed close by spinning,

In an orbit
around your heart.


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