Oceans of Love

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Trying to
see over the horizon,

She stood in the ocean of wheat,

Watching the wind push the waves,

In ripples across
her legs and feet,

She didn’t
have to tell me,

That she
wished she was far, far away,

Neither did
I interrupt her silence,

For there
was little left to say,

The ocean was
swirling about her,

whispering of places to go,

It told of
romance and adventure,

suggested foreign lands to know,

But I broke
her trance with soft words,

I apologized
and said I was wrong,

Her eyes
softened as she faced me,

And smiled
when I sang our song,

The wheat
field returned again,

As she
walked to my waiting arms,

I hugged her
near making it clear,

appreciated all her charms,

I don’t
always understand her,

I’ll admit I
don’t always try,

She knows I’m
there to lean on,

Whether she
laughs or needs to cry,

Her world is
full of wonder,

Clouds drift
in oceans above,

pleasures await her man,

If he gives
her oceans of love.






2 thoughts on “Oceans of Love

  1. It seems Dan, wherever you are in life, wherever you ‘find’ yourself, there’s always something calling, far off places, beyond the horizon, and the pull is felt and it depends fully on the special one who can act as the anchor to hold you, with love and understanding… but still the call is felt… xPenx

    1. I wish I had that loving anchor. Instead, I have things that keep me from moving ahead, etc. Or perhaps I have only excuses that are worth nothing at all. I feel the call and find myself reluctant to rid myself of encumbrances. With heavy baggage the going is slow. This poem was written to fit a prompt.

      May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

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