Two Lifetimes More

Hoag's Object, an example of a ring galaxy.
Image via Wikipedia

I’ve spent a
lifetime looking for you,

Now I must
wait for your heart to flame,

In my dreams
I’ve danced with you,

Yet all the
while I never knew your name,


I must have memorized
the universe far and near,

Because in your
eyes the stars would appear,

While in my
dreams I pulled you close,

And whispered
words you wanted to hear,


But each
time at dawn’s first breaking,

You would
leap and suddenly take flight,

Leaving my
heart empty of love,

Stranding me
alone in the light,


But love’s
arrows were dipped in venom,

Because when
I found you in the day,

You did not
know me nor did you care,

You simply
told me to go away,


But if I had
to wait two lifetimes more,

I’d sleep
and dream until time goes by,

Counting the
stars, finding things to do,

Until you
discovered you’ve been searching too.




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