Sensory Overload!

Go! (Australian TV channel)
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While looking
into your love’s eyes,

Change his
heart with a kiss,

Overwhelm his

With promises of bliss,

One lip to

Two to

How many
doesn’t matter,

There’s none
to waste,

or passion,

Give him a

Discover his

Repeat steps
one and two,

You’ll have
to be careful,

To teach him
the word “NO!”

For a kiss
to him,

Often means “GO!

Kissing is quite

But you must
learn the code,

Because you
have to be prepared,

For sensory


2 thoughts on “Sensory Overload!

    1. If I’ve gotta go, my senses overloaded, filled to the brim, that last kiss obliterating my electrical system, but with a smile on my face, and love in my heart.What more could I want? Thanks, Pen, for visiting and commenting. Stop by anytime. Dan.

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