“How’s My Driving?”

Off Road Driving Photo #1
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An excellent
question to others I’ll ask,

For I can’t
see how I can complete life’s task,

But if I
follow those who’ve gone before,

I might just
drive right to heaven’s door,

But when I
forget to focus sometimes I’ll veer,

temptations beckon, to them I’ll steer,

Off road driving
leaves much to be desired,

I’ll soon be exhausted and completely tired,

Bumps and obstacles
abound it seems,

than in my world of dreams,

Tossed about
as I try climbing the slopes,

Soon I’m
frustrated and give up hopes,

It’s easier to
stay on the straight road,

Where I can
easily carry my chosen load,

Off road I’ve
crashed at every turn,

I’m afraid
someday I’ll crash and burn,

If I cannot keep myself on the road so straight,

How will I ever
get to heaven’s gate?

Someday I hope you’ll see me arriving,

And you can
ask me, “How’s your driving?”

“Erratic,” I’ll
say, “I didn’t do well on the test,

during my lifetime I tried my best,

But I made many
wrong turns on my wayward path,

too many mistakes to escape God’s wrath,

But I’ve
heard a secret from angels above,

judgment contains mercy and is full of love,

I’ll seek
instructions on what I need to do,

And faithfully
follow a road that is true,

It won’t be the
speed or how I set my pace,

I may flunk
the test but I’ll pass by grace.






2 thoughts on ““How’s My Driving?”

    1. Thanks, Jamie. Now, I’m off to drive the straight road.Have a great day and enjoy your visits across the web.

      May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

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