My Sweet Kiss

Kiss of love
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She laughs
at my jokes,

She’s shy, she’s

But a sight
to behold,

She twirls
her hair,

While she’s
standing there,

I smile at
her and take her hand,

I want her
to understand,

That I want
to know

As much as I can,

About her,

She fascinates

Though I want
and need her now,

I’ll wait

Until she
discovers ,

She needs me

She leans
against me,


Gently I
draw her near,

And whisper
so only she can hear,

“You’re irresistible,”

And with one
slow kiss,

teasing, wonderful kiss,

We’re both
on fire,

The flames
burning higher,

“We need to

So let’s go
for a walk,”

We stop
after awhile,

And look at
the stars,

I point at
one afar,

“That one is

The sparkle
in your eyes,”

“I’m cold,”
she says,

And snuggles
against me,

Seeking warmth
but finding flame,

But for her
it is the same,

Her lips
seek mine,

And I oblige
without wasting time,

Each kiss is
sweeter and takes its toll,

I want to be
a gentleman,

But I’m
losing control,

I don’t know
just what I expect,

But I want
to show her some respect,

“Tomorrow I
want to see you again,

I want you
to be more than a friend,

Tell me
tomorrow if you want me too,

Your dreams
will tell you if it’s true,”

She is quiet
on the way,

Surprised by
what I had to say,

I walk her
to her door and give her a quick kiss,

“Every night
I want it special like this,”

I’m restless
and I don’t sleep well,

Hoping that
love will show and tell,

I think she
might call,

But my cell
is silent ,

nothing at all,

heartbroken that it’s come to this,

For I was
addicted at the very first kiss,

A noise
startles me,

It is so

I push back
the curtains,

And see a

x’s and o’s
in ribbons are there,

With yes, yes,
yes, everywhere,

She stands
quietly off to one side,

Waiting for
me to come outside,

thinking, to her I race,

Twirl her
around and then embrace,

The crowd
gathered gives out a cheer,

“Hooray for
love! Love is dear!”

She is

Her face

“You forgot
to get dressed,

Or didn’t
you know?”

I’ll have to
admit I am embarrassed today,

And I’ll
remember it forever,

No matter
what I say,

But more
important to me is this,

She wants

And my sweet













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