Updrafts and Downdrafts

A large hailstone, approximately 5 1/4 inches ...
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I leave
chasing storms,

To those
with fast cars,

Because once
hit by a hailstone,

There’s a
tendency to see stars,


One day in a thunderstorm,

A hailstone
towards me rolled,

“Say hey,
Mr. Hailstone,

Aren’t you
being a little bit bold?”


and downdrafts,

Have made me
what I am,

I’ve grown
from a mere drop,

To a layered
battering ram,


I put on
several coats,

As I
traveled up and down,

And I
usually pick up speed,

Before crashing
to the ground,”


“I know what
you mean,

You’re a
true driving force,

Do all that
you‘ve got to do,

I’ll try to
avoid you of course,”


Life is
often like that,

It changes
the path you take,

Updrafts and

Influence the
choices you make,


You might
put on several layers,

As you
travel far and near,

And few will
really know the core,

Of all that
you hold dear,


you’re not so different,

You’re much
like people I know,

They get
pushed up and down,

And can’t
keep up with the flow,


You won’t
last long lying there,

It’s just so
humid and hot,

Thanks for visiting and dropping by,

And commenting
with your best shot,”


Friends and
storms are welcome here,

Whenever the
warm winds blow,

But friends
are also welcome here,

When forecasts
call for snow.



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