Remembering 9/11

I watched with horror,

As the mighty towers fell,

Felt my anger rising,

At this hard glimpse of hell,


Yet I was off to brave the world,


Bravely waiting for my plane to land,


I refused to stay at home,


I was ready to make a stand,


I saw the excitement of first encounter,


As friends, family, or lovers greet,


There was relief in their voices,


Because they worried catastrophe might repeat,


Around me cell phones were springing up,


As contacts with loved ones were made,


Keeping in touch, a heartbeat away,


Unwilling to let their love fade,


Security was tight and lines were long,


Fewer travel bags to slow me down,


I would face my fears by visiting friends,


Who resided in a far away town,


I was frightened by the latest events,


Now while minutes stretched into hours,


I was feeling all the aches of aborted sleep,


But my thoughts were filled with towers,


There were fewer children with excess energy,


Because mothers wanted to keep them from danger,


Most people were traveling with purpose,


Afraid to connect with any stranger,


One destination to another,


There was a tightness expressed in their faces,


No one was sleeping,


They watched each other’s places,


Suspicious eyes glanced about,


Looking for anything foreign,


Life was precious after the attack,


Our senses were ripped and torn,



Patriotic apparel and flag bandanas,


Small flags were proudly shown,


Perhaps 9/11 woke us up,


And we preferred things homegrown,



We would look for the cause of this hate,


That hurt us deep inside,


Our country would surely act with haste,


And protect the world with pride.

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