Dragged Away

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Tonight when I put on my coat,

I found a note written long ago,

It was just four short lines,

Pointing out my neglect,

I’m sorry I didn’t give it to you,

But now I see,

I should have directed it at me!

The Note:

“I meant to be there for you,

I meant to listen with all my might,

But a cell phone demanded my attention,

And work dragged me away into the night,”

All my excuses meant nothing,

Because you were not the center of my life,

I was distracted by the world around me,

And I blamed you for all our strife,

When we first met you wanted to know I was there,

You would caress my face and demand I look at you,

And if I looked in your eyes you knew I cared,

You wanted me to be there in mind and spirit,

Not too busy to see or hear you,

Not dragged away by all the distractions,

You wanted to share with me the things you do,

The moments together I learned to embrace,

Because there was so much I would have missed,

If I had not listened face to face,

I didn’t put you off and say I’ll listen someday,

I didn’t want to live with regrets,

But little by little I was distracted by choice,

I forgot the importance of your voice,

There were days I forgot to listen to you,

I let my attention get dragged away by work,

Pulled away by responsibilities,

Or let my worries and fears lurk,

I was ashamed when I read my own note,

I realized I hadn’t put you first,

Yet you’ve treated me with respect, not worse,

When you said you would listen always,

You touched my heart,

For I have slacked and haven’t done my part,

Soon we’ll be in those days,

When I’ll want you to listen to me,

Or hear me complain in the night,

But for now I’ll listen with all my might,

And with my heart I’ll hear,

All the things you hold dear.

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