The Red Suitcase Adventures (Part 2)

Kansas City Southern Railway Observation car &...
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The Santa Fe
across the desert rolled on,

I carried my lunch to the observation car,

antelope and deer graze,

Wondered how pioneers could travel so far,


Later in the
day I returned to my chair,

I wanted a
nap because I was beat,

But one of
the young men waited,

His face
showing frustration and defeat,


“My name is
Jon.  I’m coming apart at the seams,

My girlfriend
says since I’ve been with the band,

She’s been
left alone too much,

She’s moving
out and hopes I’ll understand,”


“She claimed
she left a note in my suitcase,

Explaining that she loved me but didn’t “love” me,

She said
someday we would meet again,

For now I’d
have to wait and see,”


Jon was
suffering or he wouldn’t be sharing his story,

I listened,
really listened, for I made a promise to hear,

What people
were concerned about on their trip,

But what
convinced me to listen was Jon’s tear,


‘I’ve looked
all over but my suitcase is gone,

I need that
letter if I’m to stay sane,

else can be replaced,

I can’t
concentrate and it’s giving me pain,”


We searched
the baggage compartments,

And everywhere
our attendant led,

I was
reluctant to tell Jon,

I had seen
several suitcases that were red,


Finally after
some urging the attendant said,

“An elderly
gentleman left the train early today,

He carried
two suitcases, and one was red,

One appeared
heavy, the red one almost didn’t weigh,”


I returned
to my seat and read awhile,

Then I
watched the landscape fly by,

I mused
about how lives can be different,

Yet loneliness
and despair can touch us until we die,


I had
suffered through previous broken relationships,

lessons much too late,

I knew I had
to help Jon find his suitcase,

He was too
young to leave it to fate,


I was on a
train trying to discover me,

Jon was on a
mission to find fortune and fame,

And Martha was
still earthbound and having fun,

and mischief, it was all just a game.

(To be



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