Forever Changed

Kristy and the Hibiscus
Image by Boogies with Fish via Flickr

Our relationship
is in a world of change,

I’m ready to
expand my emotional range,

We should
set goals as we begin,

And change
the rules so both can win,


I know I’m
not patient, I’m one of a kind,

We did things
my way, if you didn’t mind,

When we were
dating and you were the host,

We often did
things you enjoyed the most,


Our worlds
were different, yet neither was proud,

One was an
only child, one was part of a crowd,

Our complex
differences worked because you completed me,

And the
communication we shared was always meant to be,


It seems we
fought over nothing, yet each held his ground,

If I won I
was still losing, I didn’t want to go another round,

Because I
loved who you were and you were a part of me,

When we
inflicted deep wounds we were tearing apart the we,


I promise I’ll
intentionally love you more than before,

Because I
believe that our relationship can be restored,

I think we
should work things out and not hesitate,

Easing the
tension between us would be great,


We don’t
want our wounded hearts to fester and ache,

We will work
together for our relationship’s sake,

potential that’s in us has a chance of dying,

Each time we
back down without even trying,


If we
embrace our fear and meet it head-on,

We’ll both
find out how to really love someone,

If we open
up our hearts and tear down the walls,

We’ll be
forever changed and have it all,


I want to renew
our love because I chose you,

I’ll work
harder knowing you chose me too,

reconcile and make our relationship great,

For the rest
of our lives let’s love and celebrate!



2 thoughts on “Forever Changed

  1. relationships are so difficult and misunderstandings so easy Dan, that when one finds a soulmate it’s worth that extra effort to keep the love fresh and long lasting… (I make it sound like minty toothpaste for bad breath!! 😉 ) have a good week my friend. xPenx

    1. Minty toothpaste is very kissable and chases bad breath away. If I couldn’t stand being with someone, how could I stand being alone? A soulmate would be worth the extra effort. Relationships and misunderstandings are opposites. Learning to work through misunderstandings makes the relationship stronger and minty toothpaste strong. …dan…

      May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

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