Soul Catcher!

The Seduction (1982 film)
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It was an
evening ritual,

One that was

One that
made her senses reel,

She was
ready when her phone rang,

Strident and
demanding, loudly it sang,

He whispered,
“Answer it.  It’s just me,”

She did not want
to recognize his voice,

But the
second time he whispered,

She had no

“Answer it.  Pick up your phone,

I won’t tell
anyone you’re all alone,”

“Who is this?”
she said loudly,

But he said
nothing, for his power,

Would be
gone that very hour,

If he let
her control his name,

He continued
with his game,

someone if you will,

I’ll just
watch and get my thrill,

I’m not flesh
and blood like you,

But I enjoy
all the things you do,”

At first it
was a thought, then her dreams,

He tore her
future apart, seam by seam,

At first the
night life was fun and energizing,

Then all the
pleasures became paralyzing,

They were
like a stream,

Then a

For she was
not struggling,

Against flesh
and blood,

He was
constantly urging,

her weakness,

here, creeping there,

away a lock of hair,

Once she had
seen through his disguise,

Seen his
fiery, glaring eyes,

With her
peripheral vision she knew,

He was
watching her too,

illusion,” that’s all,

“There are
no demons that tall,”

A figment of
her imagination,

And thus it
went, day in and day out,

In the
evenings and dark of night,

He carefully
kept her in his sight,

When she was
relaxed with her guard down,

He was
watching and waiting,

Not for her
flesh that made her whole,

He was
waiting to catch her soul.



2 thoughts on “Soul Catcher!

  1. Beware the Soul Catcher, now that was spooky Dan… the voice from nowhere, try to escape if you can, he watches and he waits, you can feel his presence still, no matter how you try, so hard to block his will.. xPenx

    1. There are soul catchers waiting, trying to get us untracked, filling our hearts and minds with wants and desires. You said it very well, dear Pen.

      May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

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