Letting Go

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Why am I holding
on to life and love,

Didn’t I
learn my lesson long ago,

Didn’t I see
this coming right at me,

How can I say
I didn’t know,


As an infant
I clutched my mother’s breast,

secure with nothing to fear,

It was there
that I learned best,

Love made
all things seem so clear,


As a
teenager my heart was fickle,

Love had not
learned to bloom and grow,

And in my dreams
all went right,

Love was controllable
and pliable like dough,


In my dreams
I climbed a mountain slope,

My ropes
keeping me safe from the world below,

Yet it was
difficult to know,

Why I needed
to learn how to let go,


As a
teenager my heart was fickle,

Love had not
learned to bloom and grow,

And in my world
all went right,

Until my
heart suffered another blow,


I thought
love would always be grand,

But….I did
not know how to let go,

expectations changed my path,

Because love was not pliable like dough,


When I grew
older and fell in love,

I was
vulnerable to love’s ebb and flow,

My heart was
broken when I was left all alone,

I’d never
learned how to let go,


were tricky and difficult to learn,

I became
afraid to do more than just exist,

My heart was
heavy, I had lost again,

I marked
another zero on my list,


When my
children graduated from school,

Leaving me
with an empty nest,

I wasn’t
ready to let them know,

That I might
never be happy to see them go,


When my
parents passed to a world beyond,

Who could I
ask when I didn’t know,

I was next
on the list of love and life,

Should I get
ready to let life go,


What parts
of love were within my grasp,

What parts
of love could I not clasp,

Time slipped
by so quickly I never did know,

When I
should hold on and when I should let go.

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