She Gave Me a Chance

Smile 2
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She stood there,

Leaning against the

Smiling at us all,

Her black dress,

Clung to her ripe

All I could do was sit
and gape,

I was mesmerized,

I wanted to ask her

But I was filled with
fear and doubt,

She moved towards me,

Her eyes intent, this
was my chance,

To ask her to the
homecoming dance,

Her auburn hair,

Cascaded down and
framed her face,

While I stared numbly
into space,

How could words elude

When there was so much I
needed to say,

My heart was ready but
my tongue got in my way,

 I stuttered, I stammered,

My heart began to

I smiled, and then the
right words I found,

What magic did she

That kept me under

She was beautiful, I

She was patiently
waiting still,

And I gave her my
biggest grin,

Life was good and my
confidence soared within,

“Would you, could you,

Give my heart a chance,

And go with me to the
Homecoming dance?”

She was trembling,

Obviously she had felt
my stress,

She smiled with relief
and said, “Yes!”

We were young,

And that moment was our

What better way to
connect heart to heart,

We fell in love,

And found true romance,

I was thankful she gave
me a chance,

She was bold,

Our grandkids will be

How she loved me and
gave me a chance.


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