Let the Feasts and Parties Begin!

Grammostola Grossa
Image via Wikipedia

Hundreds of
tarantulas had escaped,

Before the
scientist had ventured along,

Was it
possible to recapture them,

Return them to
where they belonged,


scientist was engrossed in checking,

The entry on
the daily journal’s last page,

Unaware of bird-eating

That had
slipped from their cage,


They watched
anxiously with interest,

As they
prepared to fight or flee,

All they
needed was a quiet signal,

From a
leader such as me,


Slowly and
deliberately they circled him,

Preparing to
make their charge,

scientist would be a challenge,

Because he
was obese and large,


Their attack
would be swift and deadly,

injected from their fangs,

the victim completely,

Leaving webs
for him to hang,


Warned not
to experiment,

went ahead just the same,

Radioactive Spiders
on Growth Hormones,

Became the
secret project’s name,


scientists were determined,

I warned
them, yes, I did indeed,

But the
project was richly funded,

And my
warnings they would not heed,


Now the
tarantulas have been set free,

I guess I‘m
the one to blame,

I had been
injected with the formula,

One of the
spiders I partly became,


They expect
me to be their leader,

Because both
worlds I know,

I blend well
with human beings,

But the
world of spiders I also know,


eggs will be underground,

Guarded for
eight or nine weeks,

From each
nest a thousand tarantulas will hatch,

Hungry, and
wanting victims to seek,


Eight legs
will be faster than two,

Especially with
hundreds or more,

Digestive enzymes
to liquefy a body,

Then sucked
up until there’s nothing but gore,


Beware the
tarantulas in deep of night,

nocturnal predators on the prowl,

Even the
monsters will be tense that night,

And wolves
will forget to howl,


One isolated
adult or lost child,

Will be
reason for a little snack,

Little kids will be the perfect miniature

While adults
will feed an entire pack,


Stock up on
candies and sweet things,

Eat well and
prepare for that night,

We’ll be
there, scurrying everywhere,

Waiting just
outside the light,


I’ll spin a web
to draw you in,

radioactive formula worked on me,

And for one
night you’ll be my queen,

Before I set
you free,


“Trick or
treat!” I’ll shout,

As you stare
at a hideous grin,

You’ll be the
first as I slack my thirst,

“Let the
parties and feasts begin!”






One thought on “Let the Feasts and Parties Begin!

  1. Now that’s one trick or treat I don’t want to be on the end of Dan, as a radioactive spiders feast?… Argh!!! I shall lock my doors and batten down the hatches forthwith… and NO good knocking with two of your eight legs…. 😉 xPenx

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