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Suffering is
unique for me and you,

I haven’t experienced
what you’re going through,

I don’t know
the depth of your pain,

Be patient,
I’m trying your perspective to gain,


migraines that don’t allow you to stand,

I’ve never
experienced them and I don’t understand,

I’m trying
my best to know what to do,

I don’t have
answers for the agony you go through,


I’m trying
to ponder who handles suffering well,

Is it
someone who’s already seen one side of hell,

Someone who’s
had everything taken away,

And still
smile and say, “It’s a wonderful day!”

Or a person
with cancer who continues to pray,

“Thank you,
Lord, for each bonus day,”


I told my children,
“In life you’ll have choices,

yourself with those who have wise voices,”

And when you
run and scrape your knee,

To ease your
pain right there I’ll be,


Bad things
might happen so learn to be tough,

Because life
isn’t perfect, it can be rough,

I can’t fix
your problems but I can ease your pain,

And I’ll be
there to help you get up again,”


I wonder if
my answers match my own life,

Do my
answers hold true when I face strife,

Do I blame
someone when life knocks me down,

What part of
my misery is shared with those around,


Did my bad
choices create my own pain,

Does my anguish
count for loss or gain,

Is my trouble
because of evil or good,

What part of
my distress is misunderstood,


If I use my
own sorrows to help me grow,

I’ll understand
you better for now I know,

If being
there to listen will ease your pain,

I’ll listen
and help you get up again.


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