Troubled Sleep

The Zarn's spacecraft rests in the Mist Marsh.
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When dreams
carry me far,

life’s reality to distant star,

It is then I
find answers to my fears,

Or discover
what I hold dear,

memories stroll two and three,

Reminding me
how it used to be,

Am I awake
or in a dream,

forever in a wayward scheme,

My needs, my
wants, my heart’s desires,

between ice and raging fires,

My fantasies
are not long to keep,

As I drift
back into troubled sleep,

My muse tugs
impatiently at my mind,

up! There are worlds to find,

Time is
fleeting as you sleep,

And you have
promises to keep,

Stories that
have risen from the deep,

Must be
captured for the world to keep,

You don’t
really need to sleep,”

Weary from
travels within my head,

Miserably I
stumble from my bed,

No reason to
argue with my muse,

That’s a
battle I always lose,

For gentle
thoughts become a crowd,

Their cries
to be heard grow very loud,

And where is
this wisp called sleep,

It was released
early, not mine to keep.

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