“They’re Just Not Fair!”

Not Fair
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At 2 a.m. I was creeping,

Trying to be
quiet last night,

I knew my
parents were sleeping,

But I had to
turn on lights,

I might have
made some noise,

As I got
ready for bed,

Yet I never
lost my poise,

But my
parents did instead,

They were irate,
said it was late,

Said they
had jobs to go to,

I replied, “I
don’t have one,

So I get to
have fun,

What more
can I do?”

“That has to
change,” they said,

“You’re ready
to make your way,

No lying all
day in bed,”

Now that
they had their say,

They finally
left my room,

Why are they
so tense and mad,

I’ve been
happy, they should be glad,

Rather than
preaching doom and gloom,

Now if they’ll
just let me be,

I’ll live my
life recklessly,

I’ll sleep
in until half past ten,

And tell
them not to bother me again,


Who is it
that’s creeping,

Around the
house this morn,

Can’t you
tell I’m sleeping,

That the day
is newly born,

So why is
somebody cooking,

While my
world is upside down,

I hope
nobody comes looking,

Because sleep
I finally found,

It’s early,
why do I need to rise,

I need my
sleep, I came in late,

I’m not
ready to open my eyes,

Looking for
a job needs to wait,

I’ll just
live here with you,

It’s time
for me to leave the nest?

It would be
the best thing to do?

Why are you
putting me to the test,

This is
agony you’re putting me through,

You don’t
love me, I have some doubt,

I don’t want
to go looking today,

I’m not
ready to move out,

Who’s going
to pay my way?

Just like
that, say what you will,

Turn twenty
and things go downhill,

My parents
are not being fair,

selfish and don’t want to share.




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