The Galaxies Within Your Eyes

The Antennae Galaxies are undergoing a collisi...
Image via Wikipedia

Your eyes
are closed but I imagine the galaxies caught,

Your eyelids
covering them tight,

Oh, how I
cherish the way you made me feel,

As we loved
all through the night,

I saw stars,
perhaps those very ones in your eyes,

I’ve never
felt more alive than this,

As we shared
kiss after fevered kiss,

I stood on
the edge of eternity,

Hoping the
night would never end,

Time was
suspended as I held you in my arms,

Against me
you arched again and again,

Then your
breasts pressed into my chest,

How could I find
time to rest,

You were on
fire but I risked the flame,

Because, I
too, felt the same,

In the
afterglow as we lay across each other,

Content that
we were together,

We knew that
we were meant to be,

That we had
found our destiny,

Our lives
will forever intertwine,

My heart
will be yours, and yours mine,

Never again
will I look at the skies,

Without remembering
the galaxies within your eyes,

Sleep well
and deep and let your heart yearn,

For you will
be mine again when I return.


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