Wild Heart

Woman at left is painter Suzanne Valadon
Image via Wikipedia

Wild heart,
she danced with abandon,

Her feet, wild
feet, rarely touched the ground,

I watched
her dance with another,

In the
corner I gasped but barely made a sound,

What brought
her to me I do not know,

My heart had
long stood still,

Her eyes
caught mine and she smiled,

And I was
hers, captured against my will,

Wild she was
as she loved the world,

And the
world loved her as well,

She danced with
her heart and soul,

A wild woman
I could tell,

Futile it
was to remain and stare,

So I warned
my clumsy feet,

“Act like
you know what you’re doing,

There’s a
lady I’d like to greet,”

My eyes, my
heart, were leading the way,

I stumbled
up to her side,

“Would you,
I mean, please dance with me,”

She turned
me down and wounded my manly pride,

How long I
stayed I can’t recall,

I could see
she wasn’t ready to leave,

What a night
this was turning out to be,

She was
practicing how to deceive,

babysitter went home and I told the kids,

“Your mother
has dancing in her blood,

She’s not
coming home, we’re all alone,

I’d change
it if I could,”

They didn’t
understand how things could change,

As quickly
as some clouds turn wild,

out there the sun will shine,

And people will
talk without guile,

But when darkness
falls and the music calls,

Some of them
will turn wild.



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