The Misunderstanding

Photo of Cocker Spaniel Ch. Obo II, published ...
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Judge Henson had a Cocker Spaniel,

That really
made his day,

He wanted to
show her off,

To anyone
who came his way,


The Judge
invited me to see,

This Spaniel bitch on display,

“Come over
for a mint julep,

About two
p.m. on Thursday,”


The Judge also had a daughter,

Who seemed
far beyond my reach,

I had become
enamored with her,

After I seeing her on the beach,


But that
afternoon it was the Judge and I,

As we sipped
our juleps down,

I dared not
ask about his daughter,

He’d run several
men out of town,


The spaniel
was paraded before me,

But the
showing was too quick,

“Judge,” I
said, “she’s quite a bitch,

And she’s
the one I’d pick,”


About that
time Ellie Mae walked in,

She’d heard
what I had said,

She thought I
was talking about her,

And, boy,
was her face red,


“She stands right and has a beautiful tail,

But I’d like
to see much more,”

Ellie Mae
huffed and snorted,

And scampered
quickly out the door,


Judge Henson
stood up and shook my hand,

His hand
gripped me like a vise,

“I saw you
looking at my girl,

My only child,
and I’ve got some advice,”


“But I’ve got
a 4 o’clock tee time,

So please
don’t rush away,

My wife
should be home any time now,

For dinner
she’ll want you to stay,”


I thought
Ellie Mae had hidden someplace,

going somewhere to brood,

But she
returned with a smile on her face,

She forgave
me for being rude,


Somehow the
lights were dimmed,

Music was
playing with a wild primal beat,

Ellie Mae
was making me nervous,

commanded, “Please have a seat!”


She began
dancing with abandon,

My face
suddenly became pale,

When she
shimmied and asked,

“Do you like
my tail?”


Before I
could explain,

I wasn’t
referring to her,

She got on
all fours,

And began to softly purr,


She jumped
on the couch,

And looked
me in the eye,

“I’ve been
waiting for someone like you,

I want a
bold kind of guy,”


happened so quickly,

I couldn’t
have planned it if I chose,

But her
mother arrived and saw us on the couch,

“Son, are
you trying to propose?”


And that’s
the true story,

Of how I got hitched,

I know it
sounds funny,

But I went
to see a bitch,


Now I’ve got
a whole kennel,

Of puppies
and rug rats galore,

Just because
I said, “She has a beautiful tail,

But I’d like
to see much more.”



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