“I Was All She Needed”

“Tell me your story,” I said to him,

“Perhaps I can help your case,”

His voice shook as he began,

“Five years are hard to replace,


I shouldn’t be here, she’s to blame,

It was her fault, you know,

She made me mad and I lost my cool,

Even though I loved her so,


I knew she was my true love,

From the very first moment we met,

She was different than the others,

And not the kind I’d forget,


Her laughter was the kind that haunted,

Her voice found its way into my heart,

She made an impression from the beginning,

I vowed silently that we’d never part,


Her smile was meant for me alone,

She chose me that first day,

Of course she never said that,

I just knew she wanted it that way,


She peeled away my protective layers,

Her thoughts touched my inner core,

She permeated my entire being,

And left me wanting more,


She had no need for others,

There was no one else but me,

She learned to keep me company,

And show her loyalty,


I treated her very special,

With gifts to prove she was mine,

As long as she knew I was in control,

She could earn some free time,


She allowed her friends to disrespect me,

I could see it in their glares,

They tried to get her away from me,

They didn’t know I was aware,


I told her friends to leave my house,

In spite of her tearful pleas,

I didn’t like the way she talked to me,

She had to apologize on hands and knees,


I didn’t mean to beat her,

It was her fault, you know,

But she said she would leave me,

Even though I loved her so,


My tears fell in torrents,

My heart shriveled up in shame,

If she had done what she was told,

There would be no reason for blame,


The world is barren without her,

I can’t get her out of my head,

If she had cared as much about love,

I wouldn’t have shot her dead,


I still have hopes of finding love,

Several women have been writing to me,

I’ll show them what’s best for them,

As soon as I leave the penitentiary,


Each promised to give unconditional love,

Along with their undying loyalty,

That’s all I ever demanded from anyone,

And, there’ll be no one else but me,”


I learned a lot listening to him,

About his life and why he was there,

It wasn’t his fault why he was locked up,

But society just didn’t care.









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