Wasted Time

Wasted Time

“Time,” she said, “is a one way door,

My days are numbered,

And I don’t get more,”


“You’ve got it wrong,” he replied,

“Time is more than that,

Time can be wasted,

And like money easily spent,

Second by second to the very last cent,”


She said, “I’ve got to make my time count,

If time slips by and I’ve nothing to show,

There are no second chances in time’s flow,”


“Wait one minute,” he said in return,

“Time comes in segments, like time to cook,

Or I can call a time out, it’s in the book,”


“No,” she said, “time is like watching a parade,

You can see one entry starting and then it’s past,

However long it goes, its time doesn’t last,”


“You haven’t watched much sports,

That is plain to see,

Halftime, overtime, both are important to me,

Time can be managed to slow time down,

Surely there are extra seconds that can be found,”


“Time,” she said, “is past, present, or future,

That’s all there is, of that I’m sure,”


“I think you’re wrong,” he said,

“There’s so much more,

Time is even worth fighting for,

Listen to me while I go through my list,

I’m sure there are times you might have missed,

There’s a time to die, a time to live,

A time to take, a time to give,

Time stands still yet never stops,

Times Square when the ball drops,

There’s quality time and just hanging out,

There are time machines holding time in doubt,”


“This discussion has lost its direction and force,

And I think you’re quite crazy, of course,”


He said, “It’s about time you decided to quit,

I’m still thinking there’s more to it,

Daytime, nighttime, time on hold,

Is there anything more you need to be told?”


She was ready to go in because it was late,

Too much time had been used up on this date,


He asked, “Don’t we have time for a kiss or two?”

She answered, “There’s not enough time,

Because I was listening to you,”


While he was talking time didn’t wait,

Time ticked away and sealed his fate.




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