Love and The Magic Spell

I’ll tell you a story,

It’s sad but true,

If you don’t watch out,

It could happen to you,

My girlfriend one day announced she would leave,

I took it hard and did nothing but grieve,

Her thoughts were elsewhere as she stared off in space,

She had all the symptoms of love, yet she ignored my face,

I watched her intently and could feel her distress,

She played with her hair and straightened her dress,

“I know what you’re feeling,” I said with concern,

But it was the wrong thing to say I soon was to learn,

“You don’t know anything,” she snapped with fire in her eyes,

“Ouch,” I thought, “I hit a nerve causing her anger to rise,”

She said, “I’m the only one who knows how I feel,

You can only guess, but I know what is real,”

The conversation was over as quick as it had begun,

Though I was right, there was nothing I’d won,

I’d do anything to keep this relationship intact,

But I had to act swiftly to get it back on track,

You see, at one time we had been connected at the heart,

But the battle scars became plentiful as we drifted apart,

My love was not returned, it was stagnant as well,

With everything going wrong it was time to try a magic spell,

I called someone who claimed to be a witch,

She was a salesperson and gave me quite a pitch,

“I have all kinds of spells that will work for you,

Just tell me what you want this spell to do,”

She explained the spells slowly as she went down her list,

She counted them carefully, there was none she missed,

The Lust for Me Spell was the one I chose,

I said, “A little spice in my life wouldn’t hurt, I suppose,”

Low monthly terms and a guarantee for three years,

I signed up quickly and wiped away my tears,

The spell was incanted and sent my way,

The sun was shining, it was a beautiful day,

Love can be tricky even with black magic,

It didn’t turn out like I expected, the results were tragic,

She fell deeply in love with the neighbor next door,

My heart was shredded right to the core,

I called the witch and said, “That didn’t turn out well,”

“What you need,” she said, “is a reversal spell,”

“Yes, I don’t want her to be happy, you see,

I just want her to be back with me,”

The spell was recanted and all put in reverse,

My girlfriend came back but things have gotten worse,

She loves another and her love won’t be returned,

He doesn’t want her anymore, her love he spurned,

My money wasn’t returned, the witch cursed my bill,

“Nothing will go right,” she said, “and it never will,”

The nights are colder and I need someone near,

Someone I can love and call her dear,

This life is too short to live within ice,

A lover with a warm heart would suffice,

I don’t want much as you can see,

I simply want someone to share love with me.





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