You Are A Well-Built House

Solid with strong timber,

(Yet you are supple and limber,)

Tiled roof carefully laid,

(Hair glistening in a braid,)

Windows that peer out over the street,

(Eyes that sparkle when we meet,)

A welcoming door that invites me in,

(I’m still enthralled with your grin,)

Carpets plush and all in style,

(Makes me want to stay awhile,)

A dining room with foods to please,

(A playful spirit that loves to tease,)

A basement to run to when a storm is about,

(You’re fun to cuddle when the lights go out,)

A property that’s well worth every dime,

(Your love is appreciated more over time,)

There are no for sale signs on the lawn,

(I want you to wake beside me every dawn,)

A house that stands faithfully through the years,

(Weathers the storms and sheds the tears,)

A house that’s warm and full of charm,

(A shelter against the world and a haven from harm,)

A manifestation of love, a home full of bliss,

(You’re loving and desirable, now give me a kiss.)

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