“Molly, Do You Want a Quacker?”

English: Ducks Русский: Утята. Հայերեն: Բադիկներ.
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“Molly, Do You Want a Quacker?”

The mighty bulldozer roared and the frantic mother took flight,

Molly, an observant girl, discovered five duck eggs at the construction site,

She knew the heavy machines would soon destroy the nest,

So she carefully picked up the eggs and put them in her  vest,

And that evening she read about what she should do next,

In an incubator she placed the eggs and marked each one with an “x”,

She read that every morning she needed to turn them over too,

Because that’s what a good mother duck would do,

She did more research so she would be prepared,

Because Molly wasn’t just any mother, she was one who cared,

After about a month the ducks began to hatch,

They followed Molly around even though she didn’t match,

When the ducks had gotten older she led them from their nest,

Molly led them down a trail so she could give them a test,

She had a list of all the things she wanted them to do,

They walked in a line, swam in the pond, so far 2 out of 2,

But they failed miserably when they couldn’t climb a tree,

They couldn’t hold an umbrella, or plead on bended knee,

Molly decided they needed their real mom to live like ducks should,

She looked around and found the mom in her own neighborhood,

The mother duck had enjoyed Molly showing the ducklings the tree,

The mother duck said to her, “You’re a good egg, but a quack up you tend to be,”

They worked hard to remain good friends and neither was a slacker,

But it became a joke when a duckling was bad, “Molly, do you want a quacker?”

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