Ignored, Forgotten, Alone

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They turn and face me,

Their eyes vacant of memories,

Their voices stilled,

They hunger to be held,

Anxious to feel the warmth

Of loving arms,

Who are they that reach in vain,

Our grandparents and parents, and us,

Soon I will be there,

Forgotten by those I cared for,

When they were young,

But that’s the way it will be,

The living caring for themselves,

The dying caring for the dying,

The elders are not sought for wisdom,

And youth is too often wasted,

On the careless or the reckless,

Just like the days of my youth,

When the future meant nothing,

And all I knew was the now,

So why am I here to greet the old,

Because now I can see what lies ahead,

When my time comes and I face you,

Looking for the warmth of loving arms,

Will I reach in vain,

And will you ignore my pleading eyes,

Or will you stay away,

Afraid to face where you might be,

When your world comes crashing down,

Hungry to be held, but left unloved,

Ignored, forgotten,



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