Reyna and the Umbrella

English: Maayan holds her umbrella (Israel, 2002)
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He was a grizzled old man with a sea cap,

His eyes like seas of blue,

Two children begged him for a story,

When he nodded the crowd around him grew,


“See that old umbrella over in the corner,

The one with fresh flowers on each side,

I’ll tell you a story that I believe is true,

But it’s up to you to decide,”


Reyna’s Story

She stood crowded in with the others,

Waiting for their mail-order husbands,

The men were late, but that’s how it is,

When they’re shipped from faraway lands,


She hoped he was dressed warmly,

For the day had been bitterly cold,

He would arrive in perfect condition,

At least that’s what she had been told,


The rains had fallen intermittently,

And the wetness chilled to the bone,

The women were smart to carry umbrellas,

For this event they would not postpone,


Morning turned to late afternoon

With no men yet to show,

Reyna grew impatient with waiting,

She was perplexed, for a woman has to know,


She still carried her bouquet of flowers,

Which she intended for her man,

But they drooped after the long wait,

She hoped he would understand,


She began crying out of frustration,

Her tears mixed with the rain,

What happened next was not understood,

Her umbrella felt her pain,


With powerful wings it lifted her up,

Which gave her a much better view,

There she could see a mighty storm,

And a ship trying to find its way through,


Bravely she sped their way,

Her umbrella felt her increasing power,

It glowed like a star above the ship,

And the men found their courage that hour,


Soon they were docking at the port,

Guided by that wonderful strange light,

Then they were more truly amazed,

As Reyna descended into sight,


They circled her on bended knees,

Each man loving her in his heart,

But she had chosen one good man,

To be with her from the start,


Not every woman was happy with her man,

Although each had made her own choice,

Those who ordered men with tender hearts,

Had reasons to rejoice,


For Reyna and her chosen man,

It was love for both at first sight,

They both agreed for years to come,

They were lucky the very first night,


The crowd drifted away shaking their heads,

Laughing as they walked into the night,

The old man called out as he got up from his chair,

“Reyna, should I turn out the lights?”








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