“Please Wait!” (Predicaments 5 & 6)

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Predicament  (5/6)

5)  A call from Nashville was on Mindy’s machine,

This was her chance to fulfill her dream,

If she wanted to be a country music queen,

She wanted to tell him one more time,

That she really and truly loved him,

This was her chance while in her prime,

He had laughed off her attempts to be on the air,

“You should just stay home,

You don’t need to be there,”

This was her big break for riches and fame,

If he loved her he could let her go,

Later she would marry and take his last name,

Her plane was leaving at half past four,

Could she reach him in time,

Should she go or stay, she tried once more,

Her song might be a major hit,

Would he be proud of her,

Or just tired of it,

A voice on the line told her what she needed to know,

“Please wait, he’s with a friend, you’re the next one in line,”

Always left to wait, she chose this time to go.


Predicament (6/6)

6)  There were always bullies,

Who taunted, laughed, and pushed him around,

Joel was tired of them ganging up,

And threatening to knock him to the ground,

He would show them this time,

That they were very wrong,

They were weak if they met strength,

If he brought a gun he would be strong,

Maybe he could show them once,

And they would leave him alone,

Somebody had to stand up and face them,

He would be a wall of stone,

He wanted to talk to someone who understood,

Who knew just what he was going through,

He tried to call his older brother,

He always knew what to do,

It happened that the voice he heard,

Was not the one he wanted on this try,

Confused and frustrated by a voice that said,

“I’m sorry, that mailbox is full, goodbye,”

He stood there a moment staring at the phone,

There was no reason to hesitate,

The bullies should get their due,

It was time they met their fate,

No one cared what he was going through,

He was tired of smiling when bullies put him down,

Tired of worrying about them in the dark or sun,

Tired of waiting until they made him run,

Tired of everything, so he brought the gun.


Predicaments make us decide between good or bad choices,

We choose the result if we listen to our inner voices,

Who do we have to help us think things through,

What wisdom would you share if someone asked you?



2 thoughts on ““Please Wait!” (Predicaments 5 & 6)

  1. Your predicament poems are very powerful. Each one has made me sit awhile and think about things before moving on to something else. They are universal themes – variations of which must happen every day.

    1. They’re too real for some people. I’d like to think I can write in either fantasy or reality. Thanks for reading and thinking along with me. Or email me and say thumbs up or thumbs down on any post. Or give advice. I’m always learning.

      May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

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