Nuggets of Gold

Macintosh Quadra 605During the week while I’m writing stories and poems, ideas that I call nuggets of gold pop up. I write them down but rarely share them.  Sometimes they work their way into a poem but usually they are wasted.  Sometimes the ideas are related but often they’re not. This time I thought I’d share.



Nuggets of Gold

Look for beauty and find it

In your surroundings

It lies there waiting for you.


Solitude and shadows wait

Hidden in my soul

Ready for the right moment.


Sounds and other stimuli

Connect me always

I feel the life force flowing.


Even though I do enjoy life

It overwhelms me

I’m easily distracted.


I used nine lives long ago

Searching in moonlight

It’s good that I’m not a cat.


Continuously write down

Your innermost thoughts

Your heart will know what to do.


I’ve squandered many precious gifts

Giving them away

But they will return someday.


To know, understand, accept,

Creates confidence

When it’s applied to oneself.



Family trees can handle stress

Before the sap flows

If connected roots are deep.


Related by kinship lists

We encourage the

Successive generations.



Almond eyes and peachy skin

She’s ready for love

My heart is pounding within!


I’ll write my own love story

One line at a time

Breathing life into stale air.



Macintosh Apples

A Macintosh fell kerplunk!

That’s how I became

Acquainted with gravity.


Seeds from Macintosh apples

Can grow apple trees

But not Macintosh apples.


Macintosh’s heredity

Cannot be traced far

Crab apples are the parents.




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