Matthew Became My Name

Matthew Evangelist. The text also says - Abrah...
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Good deeds?  Yes, I’ve done good deeds,

I’ve had my share of helping others,

But I, Levi, got caught up in my own greed,


As a tax collector I was selected,

I swore to do my best in office,

But my dishonesty was soon detected,


All the good deeds I had ever done,

Were all forgotten by those I served,

And I lost all the trust I had won,


I was required to go before a judge,

I secretly offered a share of my profits,

But the man was honest and wouldn’t budge,


I found out he was afraid of the trouble it might bring,

He suspected officials were on to him,

Trying to snare him with legal strings,


I didn’t need to take an honesty test,

I’d take whatever the Romans gave me,

And of course, I would steal the rest,


Money was always worth fighting for,

Why worry about what the rich were getting,

There would always be the poor,


Because I stole I was always the one to blame,

When I was called to follow Jesus,

Matthew became my new name,


Most of the population still hated me,

They knew I worked for the Romans,

And the Romans were the enemy,


I don’t know why Jesus gave me mercy and grace,

But he said my sins were completely forgiven,

They were gone without a single trace,


Hated by the Pharisees, I was still a Jew,

But a different world was revealed around me,

And the more He taught, I knew.

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