My Love Will Always Be Around

My lonely heart told me love had gone,

I heard that via word of mouth,

Yet my heart refused to be alone,

It sent misery on a road heading south,


I waited until my head was clear,

Looking for a beautiful view,

My heart was behind walls and out of touch,

Until finally I saw you,


Even when day gave way to night,

I refused to give up and just hung around,

I wanted to remain tender and do things right,

I dug in and refused to give ground,


My love grows stronger day by day,

I want you to be my very best friend,

I want you around whether work or play,

And by my side until time does end,


My love is constant and cannot be driven away,

It is as persistent as a love sick hound,

Open your heart and let my love stay,

Our hearts will forever be bound.





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