What Help Can I Give?

Retouch (Photo credit: Rachel Ford James)

Where was I when you needed a hand?

How did I miss your plea, did I not understand?

You were there all along, living in your car,

Your home happened to be wherever you are,

You shared your life’s problems and let me in,

Your world was in chaos, I didn’t know where to begin,

But slowly and surely my understanding grew,

I learned a lot about me while I learned about you,

I won’t plead ignorance, I just didn’t see,

My focus was on myself, I was concerned about me,

You’re searching for ways to get up from the ground,

If I give you a hand up, a job might be found,

I’ll look through new eyes and change my view,

The world is hurting, I can feel it too,

I’ve got to reach out to the world I see,

For each person there is a lot like me,

A man walks along with pain on his face,

He has nowhere to go, he lives no place,

Or the orphan child who goes hungry at night,

What can I do to ease her plight?

What help can I give to help you along,

What can I do to help you grow strong?

This life is tough, I hope you understand,

For when you recover, give someone a hand,

Each of us is weak but together we’re strong,

We’ll face the world bravely and help each other along.



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