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Remember when we were kids,

You’d come and sit with me,

We’d talk about the world,

And everything we could see,


When we were a bit older,

I’d venture off with my friends,

But I knew you were watching,

And I couldn’t help but grin,


I loved to tease and please you,

In science I made your day,

When I said you had special genes,

They showed in your DNA,


Later your family moved away,

It almost broke my heart,

We had pledged forever together,

Suddenly we were a world apart,


That was then, but I saw you today,

Where did you get your DNA?

I loved you before you blossomed,

But I love you even more this way,


It didn’t just happen,

It didn’t just occur,

The way those genes came together,

It created quite a stir,


Whatever you’ve been thinking,

Only you were in my heart,

I was waiting for you to return to me,

I’ve loved you from the start,


I swear this was my best day ever,

Because you came to sit with me,

We talked about the world,

Then we checked if we still agree,


You wanted to discuss our former life,

And wondered if our love was true,

We sealed our vow with a kiss,

And you showed what it means to you.

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