A Collision Course

手紙 Tegami OHZORA PUBLISHING, Co.(2004/1) Origi...
手紙 Tegami OHZORA PUBLISHING, Co.(2004/1) Original story by Lucy Gordon "Farelli's Wife"(Harlequin Romance, 3561) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Someone said we were opposites,

And I say she got that right,

What started out as dating bliss,

Changed when I proposed one night,


It all started out so simple,

Neither did a background check,

Romantic love was all we knew,

Head over heels, what the heck,


Our worlds were on a collision course,

As we hurried our way through space,

No one warned us of trouble ahead,

As we continued our dangerous pace,


I grew up rough from the country,

She emerged dainty from the city,

I raised animals to be our food,

She thought I had no pity,


The sky and trees filled my world,

Along with critters of all kinds,

Of course she would faint away,

And think I’d lost my mind,


I enjoyed playing all sports,

She said she wasn’t into games,

When I mentioned famous people,

She said she couldn’t remember names,


I could never get lost or lose my way,

Whenever I was in the woods,

And she could get lost any day,

When she went shopping for goods,


We were different in other ways,

But the other was always to blame,

We even went to counseling,

But the result was still the same,


I tried my best to choose movies with her,

She claimed them in a loud voice,

Chick flicks, romance, but nothing deep,

She always got her choice,


Beneath my surface my beliefs were deep,

While hers were shallow and wide,

I kept mine mostly to myself,

While she couldn’t keep hers inside,



She liked bright lights and lots of noise,

I preferred dark nights and quiet,

She thought I was too laid back,

I thought she was too uptight,


I planted gardens and fruit trees,

She disliked all the time it took,

She thought I should be inside,

Showing her how to cook,


While I wrote stories in sci fi,

Her thing was Harlequin Romance,

I did the Texas two-step,

She wanted to do classical dance,


She wanted one child,

I had dreams of more,

Since we never could agree,

It almost came to war,


I liked thunderstorms and rainy days,

She enjoyed the broiling sun,

I worked daily both inside and out,

She tanned by the pool for fun,


I worked two jobs for fifteen years,

To keep my family fed,

And finally things were looking up,

As we slowly forged ahead,


But life was tough for both of us,

She grew weary of being alone,

The world was growing larger,

And she was in the twilight zone,


One day she decided to step out of her shell,

And said much to my grief,

“I need some spice in my life,

You’re ordinary, just like roast beef,”


As a writer, what could I say to that,

She was hurting deep inside,

Her friends had known long before,

For often she did confide,


My world changed quickly,

As it took a sudden turn,

I became a single parent of three,

Still with an income to earn,


I kept all the night lights on,

I thought she’d return one day,

But after five years I turned them off,

I had electricity bills to pay,


I’ve heard she’s a dancing queen,

As she flits and dips around town,

And I’m still just a common man,

With some inner turmoil I can’t put down,


I can’t explain to my kids even now,

Why she needed another plan,

I just go on living my life,

Doing the very best I can.



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