Her Eyes, Her Smile, Her Hair

Love heart uidaodjsdsew
Love heart uidaodjsdsew (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She was the one I dreamed of,

But the one I couldn’t have,

I kept my feelings tucked inside,

Each time I came near her,

A part of my heart died,


I loved everything about her,

Her eyes, her smile, her hair,

In the dark when I was alone,

She was my lady fair,


Oft when we were together,

She would give a friendly hug,

My heart would flip excitedly,

But all I could do was shrug,


She belonged to another,

She was as faithful as could be,

Yet somehow I always knew,

He didn’t love her as much as me,


He treated her very badly,

She was his personal slave,

He tired of her eventually,

And drove her to her grave,


The love I had she never knew,

For he was always between,

But in another life in another time,

I would have claimed her as my queen,


There is little warmth left in my heart,

Each day it drops a degree,

Without her presence in my life,

There is nothing left for me,


I cannot endure without sleep again,

Yet my dreams beg for another chance,

Is there someone who could love me back,

And fuel the fires of romance,


This world is too harsh to face alone,

I want my heart to flare,

I want to love someone as she is,

Her eyes, her smile, her hair,


In the night I want to hold her close,

And feel her heart start to race,

We’ll share sweet love with new hope,

Together the world we’ll face,


The rest of my life will be about love,

No longer will I stand aside,

I want to share love with someone new,

And stir my fires inside.








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